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MeteoTrad is a lexicographical project from a Doctoral Thesis at the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada, Spain. This project is being carried out within the framework of the project RECORD: Representación del Conocimiento en Redes Dinámicas [Knowledge Representation in Dynamic Networks, FFI2011-22397], and is supported by an FPU grant to Alejandro García-Aragón (AP2009-4874), both funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation.

MeteoTrad combines the Theory of Lexicographical Functions from Aarhus University, Denmark, with the Frame-Based Terminology theory of the University of Granada, Spain. The project thus integrates the most relevant cognitive and communicative functions for a specific user profile (i.e. translators) with the acquisition and representation of the knowledge underlying the terminology of a specialized subject field (atmospheric sciences). The needs and preferences of the potential user profile were obtained from surveys administered to 200 translators, translation professors, and translation students from five different universities in Spain and Greece in 2012 and 2013.

The project has one lexicographical database with the potential f or the inclusion of multiple linguistic and conceptual resources in three languages: US English, Peninsular Spanish, and Modern Greek. These three languages were included in the project because of their strong terminological dependency on English in atmospheric sciences.